Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Well Celebrated!

How was everyones typewriter day?  I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did.  I took my SM9 down to the pool and wrote for a while.  The wife decided to get a tan.  The office for the complex is right looking out to the pool.  I could feel people looking through the window of the door trying to figure me out.  I should have made a sign "Happy Typewriter Day" and stood it up on the table where the umbrella sits.  Then they wouldn't look so concerned.  

I had yesterday off and when it got to hot being under the Texas sun I went inside to continue.  I wrote for probably another four hours.  The Selectric is running like a dream.  I had to replace the ribbon, I always keep a spare ; )  Well I hope all of you had a wonderful day!


  1. Ah, it was a fine (albeit rainy) day in Portland, Maine. I kept the Lettera 32 on my desk, and greeted visitors with holiday warmth, typing envelopes, labels, and acknowledgement letters on the machine.
    And I made sure to wear an appropriate pin (see #21 on link below). Glad the IBM is treated you well, man!

  2. You know, you make me really want a Lettera 32. I have my skyriter but sometimes I think it is a little to harsh to write on after a while. You seem to have no troubles with your 32 though. It's like the perfect in between, not to big not to small.

  3. I wrote a comment here earlier, but teh interwebs ate it.

    Shorter version: It's hot here, too. Typing outside=NO. Kitchen table instead.

    Also: The Lettera 32 is the bees knees. That is all.

  4. I got a Lettera 22 last weekend. Y'all right, those are swell.

    I wore a typewriter t-shirt to the Microborg. People liked it.

  5. THE typewriter t-shirt? Kidding.

    Ha! You got a Lettera! Welcome to the fold, sister.

  6. Yes, James- the Lettera 32 has no flaws. My Dad gave it to me, after he'd used it just about daily for 35 years. Lots of fond memories!
    The machine feels like it had just been warmed up for me. Tom Furrier (Cambridge) overhauled it for me- and so I heard his praises, too, for the L32.
    When you buy one, check whether it's pica or elite- since they were produced as both.