Monday, June 15, 2009

The Terra Cotta Warriors

Looks dangerous but its actually pretty sturdy.
(Duffy, its possible)

Alright I had no choice.  There is just not enough room for anything besides a typewriter stand or something equivalent.  My wife has the boxes filled with her stuff on each side and right behind the chair is the foot of the bed.  I am still on a hunt for one but in the mean time I found a little dinner table thing.  It works for now.  It was only 8 bucks at Walmart and I figured if it will help me for now then it's worth it.  It actually holds a Selectric just fine.  Its got a a pretty thick piece of wood on top and can support what I need so it's good.  Even using my SM9 and returning the carriage doesn't wobble it to much.  I am checking craigslist all the time and hopefully something will come up.  

I have been going on JuST Write and kind of switch it up hear and there.  I do find though lately I am making more and more excuses of things I need to do before I can sit down and write.  I got a bunch of books at the library and have been trying to balance everything out.  I rarely watch tv so it's really a dispute between writing, reading and going on the computer and everything else.  I feel as though I have a time limit on the books, I keep telling my self if I need more time I can just check them out again.  Does anyone have Fowlers modern english usage next to their work place?  I need to get that book.  

Thats the only one allowed to have your pic taken with.
The real ones are much bigger and taller.  Life Size

Yesterday I went to the Houston Museum Of Natural Science.  It was awesome.  We went and saw the Terra Cotta Warriors.  They were amazing, such detail went in to each soldier.  It really made me think of how at any time something could happen to us and what would be rediscovered thousands of years later.  I bet it wouldn't be as amazing as the Terra Cotta Warriors though.  

Also don't you all wish you could have a clock this big?  It isn't mechanical but it certainly isn't run by some microchip.  This thing was big.  If only I knew how to tell time on it.  


  1. If that table can support a Selectric, it can support anything.

  2. It's a Foucalt pendulum. The pendulum's direction moves with the Earth's rotation. I'm not sure it can be used as a 24-hr clock, because how long it takes to complete a cycle is going to depend upon the latitude it's located on. But it's a nifty visual demonstration of Earth moving through space.

  3. That Selectric does look a bit precarious on that little table. It screams like it needs an old gray metal, ex-government issue administrative desk, the kind they would bolt to the deck plates of an aircraft carrier. With the pull-out typewriter tray on the side.


  4. Does anyone have Fowlers modern english usage next to their work place?

    *raises hand*

    *And* I read it for fun. That and the Oxford College Dictionary. I are a nerd. Someday I'll have the full multi-volume Oxford English Dictionary. Maybe when the third edition comes out.

    What Mike Speegle said. I want a Selectric someday, though I admit, the hummmm is a bit unnerving.