Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Holy Crap I JuST Need a Desk

I have been trying to keep up with Mike and the JuST WriMo here but my lack of desk is killing me. I have been still able to keep up my word count. Yesterday I needed a day to re-coop though. It drives me crazy sometimes knowing what you want to write in your head but fear the actual starting where you left off. Usually to overcome that I leave off at a part where I know I can pick right back up. Sometimes mid sentence. That way I have an easier time getting started again the next day. It leaves me with time to think and inspiration to keep chugging along. There is usually less of a chance for writers block the next day as well. I just now need to figure out the desk/table situation. After moving across the country I am left with little to no money and desk-less. I am wondering if a Walmart has a little Tv dinner table or something like that for cheap. My poor SM9 is hiding under the bed right now wondering what is going on. Fortunately the height of the Selectrics keys are just right. But because of it the SM9 has seen less use lately. Its keys are lower and I feel after ten minutes of writing like my wrist is going to fall off. But either way I look at it is a painful process. Sitting on the floor for a prolong period of times does a number on your hips. I am young and can handle it but damn. I should probably get back to work. No more slackin and seeing if there are any blog updates. I have almost 25 pages to my left of this story and need to make that pile a little bigger. What do ya say


  1. Dude, you need a desk. Typing on the floor looks painful! Is there a Freecycle in your area? Go to Freecycle.org and ask for/look for a free desk.

  2. Will do. I saw a nice typewriter stand on craigslist but they wanted 75 for it. It was a nice one, it was made of metal and had the two platforms on the side that fold down. But anything will do as long as it's really small, there's not a lot of room.

  3. I'd second the Freecycle recommendation. And aside from true typewriter tables, Craigslist often has cheap little side tables, or computer carts, or bits and pieces that could (with a little creativity) become a decent work surface. I pretty much furnished this whole place thanks to Craigslist, and while none of it is *nice* furniture, it's mostly a step up in sturdiness and quality from what you'd find at Wal-mart.

    This is also *the* time of year for garage sales, if you're willing to do some poking around! Or check Goodwill or other thrift stores. Sometimes their prices are good, sometimes they aren't. You don't know until you check.

    Personally, I still want one of those heavy wooden desks like you see in old detective movies...preferably complete with cigar burns and water stains and scuff marks. ;-) But I'd have nowhere to put the thing.

  4. OMG me two those desks are the best. My grandfather has one and the typewriter folded into the desk like a sewing machine table. I want one so bad and just like you have no room. Im snoopin around freecycle now and probably will see what craigslist has after. Thanks, I will let you know how it goes.

  5. You'd seriously consider wrestling that Selectric onto a tv dinner tray? You're a brave dude. I have a Selectric II (beautiful Hunter-S-Thompson-Red, but non-functional) and those things are h*e*a*v*y.

    I've found several of those metal typewriter stands, that have wheels and two sides that fold down. One was on freecycle. A few others were for, like, $5 on craigslist. Bet you can find one way less than $75.