Monday, June 22, 2009

Selectric III Fixed!

Ok, I have been working on my selectric a lot lately. It has had this ticking noise that was driving me up a tree Not just that but I knew it couldn't be good to just leave it like that. I was talking with a few people on Golfballtypewritershop and they told me it was almost defiantly a bushing. They were dead on! Steve who lives in New Zealand said that he would send me 20 bushings free of cost. He told me to take a few for myself and send the rest to someone who needs one. They than can send them on to the next person and so on. If everything goes to plan 10 people should have replacement bushings at just the cost of postage. Thank you Steve!

I just got done taking Zing, my selectric apart. She is running as good as new. I am sorry Mike I could not write my fingers off tonight. I was thinking about it but a friend in need comes first. Plus I figured if I get my selectric in perfect working order it would be the best typewriter day present to myself ever!! There will be plenty of writing tomorrow as well, maybe even in public (wink, wink).

If anyone has a selectric that ticks or is in need of a bushing let me know. It is very easy to replace. If I had not replaced mine when I did I would have had to take it in for repairs. The bushing was gone, there was none, melted away. That means every time I sat at my typewriter for two plus hours I was making poor Zing suffer. Not any more! She's in tip top shape now. Just waiting to be used for hours on end.

(Check out some of the pics taken during replacement)
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(The final product, Whisper Quiet)


  1. It's stories like this that make me feel all warm and fuzzy about the internet community. People helpin' people. Good job gettin' 'er fixed! The inside of my Selectric terrifies me.

    Also, JuSt because, Big Push day has been extended to run through today. You heard it here first.

  2. Wish I could get my Selectric II up and running. It needs more than bushings.

    Plus, what's a bushing? Oh, never mind.

    Well done. Those are some complicated machines.

    (word verif = "inaracc", which is the answer to "Where you been, man?")

  3. Right, what Speegle just said. Maybe you should write a post about Selectric basics.

  4. Thanks guys. A bushing is that small little plastic thing I am holding with holes in it, next to the pulley the belt rides on. The bushing is about as thin as listerine strip I'd say. You curl it up and it makes a perfect little seal inside the pulley. Then the pulley goes on the motor shaft. Now instead of loose pulley on the motor shaft it's nice snug fit.

    Coming soon to theaters near you: Selectrics arn't so scary after all

    P.S. Cheryl I mailed out my typewriter journal entry today. Hope you get it soon!!

    Now JuST write!! Thanks Mike!

  5. James,

    I could use one of those bushings for my selectric. Noise is driving me crazy.

    Please email me at

    Thanks in advance