Saturday, October 23, 2010

Response to LFP’s Modern Convince

Response to LFP’s Modern Convince

Buying a toaster online can be quite time consuming I’m sure. But so can buying anything online. There are just so many reviews that if you aren’t careful you will become consumed by it all.

The past three or so weeks I have been trying to put together all of the parts that I need to build a new PC. The problem is that when building a PC there are constantly new parts coming out, some better than others. A brand that I trusted two years ago might be not the best choice now. Some of parts that go into building a PC are… First you have to figure out what processor you want, are you going with Intel or AMD. (I’m going with AMD for their price/performance ratio. Plus it will be replaced, that is inevitable, so why spend more than you have to.) Then your Motherboard, Ram, Power supply, Hard Drive, and Graphics card all have to be selected.

There are also combos that if you buy, say, a case, power supply, processor and motherboard you get fifty dollars off. Usually combos are a great way to save money but trying to select the best one that is in your price can be very, very time consuming. There will be things you like about some of the parts in the combos and other parts you wish you could replace all together.

The main thing I try to keep in mind is there will be things I replace in two years because they are out of date. But this is why if you do it smart, and build it yourself, you can save money by just replacing what you need. Just buying a new motherboard and processor in two years, spending maybe one hundred and fifty dollars is better than throwing out a thousand dollar HP or Dell. There is no worse feeling than using a old, slow, gunked up computer because you spent all of that money and it can’t be upgraded.

Overall building a computer is a time consuming process and it’s hard to stay up to date on everything. Although as of right now I feel so up to date it is outrageous. It is so easy to put together a computer, and quite fun. The hard part is selecting the right parts.