Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Spring Break Quick Update

Spring Break Quick Update

First off, I am officially moved in to the new place. We turned in the keys today to the old apartment and I don’t think I will miss it a bit. I can’t say enough good things about the new house. We have finished painting everything that we felt needed to be changed and it is now time to start unpacking. First off was my desk setup. I felt that everything was going to be a little cramped in the new room but it wasn’t bad. I said to Allie that I would be happy as long as I was able to have my desk, with my typewriter set up to the left, like at the last place. I just found that the setup worked so well at the other house that I couldn’t let it go.

With everything that has been going on lately, time just seems to be cranking by. I start my job at the new place tomorrow. I am excited but worried at the same time. Starting at a new restaurant on a Friday night will be quite the experience to say the least. As far as other things go, it has been nice to have a little break from school. I will be taking summer classes for sure and am all registered and everything. Silent type II needs to be fit in to my hectic schedule. I will find time, I promise. I just keep telling my self I need a few more days to get totally situated.

Other things I am really excited about are the back yard and our two car garage. I have never had a garage to put my tools in and it is going to be quite the treat. The back yard should be looking nice in a few weeks as well. I am not used to the grass that grows out here and had a good conversation with the clerk at Lowes about what I should do. I bought all the seed, a spreader and some lawn soil. I also bought the other day a reel lawnmower. It works really well surprisingly. I figured living in a town house, with a fairly small back yard, there should be no need to worry about having gas for the lawnmower. Plus, I figured that a manual typewriter does just a good job at writing as a word processor so I went for the old school mower. I plan to water the grass with my little spray attachment I bought for the hose and give it some love once the grass seed is put down. My grandfather always found that if you have the time to water the grass by hand, the grass would almost always grow better.

Now that things are hopefully about to settle down I plan to post much more than I have been lately. My mind has been filled with things that need to get down on paper but I have been so tired I haven’t been able to keep up. I find I seem to forget how much moving sucks until I am about half way through, thinking, how will I ever get all of this done in my lifetime. But time keeps ticking and eventually everything begins to work out. I am glad that I am getting near to finishing this move and it will be nice to have that piece of mind, knowing I won’t be moving for quite a while.

-James W.