Thursday, March 5, 2009

My 25 jumping on the bandwagon

Well I guess everyone is doing their 25 so why not, I am a little late though.

1.) I am 21 years old and have lived on Cape Cod MA for 14 years of my life.

2.) I have been with my girlfriend soon to be wife for almost 5 years now.

3.) About 8 months ago she moved to Texas with her mom where I plan to move very very soon. I am so lonely with out her. Long distance relation ships are the hardest things ever to deal with.

4.) It is hard for me to save money sometimes because sometimes I tend to have expensive taste.

5.) I love Macintosh computer and couldn't even imagine going back to a PC.

6.) Like "Little Flower Pedals" I am overly obsessed with old technology.

7.) I collect Mac Computers, Typewriters, Records, Record Players and anything Retro.

8.) I am catholic and have been confirmed

9.)I am the oldest of four brothers.

10.) My parents split up when I was six and hardly ever talk to my dad.

11.) I have done my share of experimenting with things (not good at all)

12.) I need to quit smoking Cigarettes again eh emm

13.) I am a scorpio

14.) I Love riding my bike. I have a Fixed gear actually two that I built when I worked at Bike Zone. (Fixed means you don't coast so you don't need breaks)

15.) My only true blood brother is the exact opposite than me.

16.)I like warm weather and can't wait to join everyone in Texas

17.) I love the color white

18.) I want to go back to school for Graphic Design or Multimedia

19.) I lost my license for a while and my poor Toyota Tacoma has to sit

20.) I now love reading all of my Ebooks on my Ipod

21.) Right now I am working as a mechanic still

22.) As much as I love cars I don't want to do it for ever

23.) I love music

24.) I want to fly a plane someday and get my pilots license

25.) I wish I typed this on one of my typewriters

New Old Computer

So I figure I needed a desktop computer to f-ing start putting up some of my typecasts and what not that are lingering around the house. I got a G4 Emac to go along with my G5 MacBook. They are both about three years old but work like a charm. I just got 2GBs of ram to go in my Emac that I bought off ebay last week. The thing is the greatest! It reminds me of my first love my G3 I mac which looks just like the Emac but is waaay slower. That is part of the reason for getting it and the fact that I really needed a desktop because being on a laptop all of the time gets on my nerves real easily. I am a Mac enthusiast and have collected many many computers over the years most of which are thrown out but some still alive and well in my basement. The oldest I have to say is my Mac Plus with no hard drive at all and 1MB of ram. It still boots up fine the only problem is unfortunately I can't use it for writing purposes because of the out dated ports and corrupt word processing software. Although it cries to be used for a science fiction piece like you wouldn't believe. Other than that my Emac now sits on my desk with my Olympia Sm9 right next to it with a towel for a dust cover over it when not in use. What a happy family, I wish. But I love this Emac, it is perfect and is probably my main digital writing device to go along with my Alphasmart, my MacBook with a dead battery and and my collection of typewriters. But other than that I will not be spending anymore money anytime soon so I will be working with what I have for now which is more than most, I am very grateful.