Monday, May 17, 2010

School is out for a few weeks. I will be back on June 7th for summer classes. I am just trying to get done with school as quickly as I can. I worked a few extra shifts and bought myself a Yamaha keyboard. When I was young, first grade or so, I took a few piano lessons but never followed. When I was in high school I picked up playing guitar but could only read tabs. I have always wanted to go back to piano especially when I got rid of my guitar because my hands and fingers were just to big to play it. So I now have beside me my keyboard that I have spend easily 6 hours a day on since I got it last Tuesday. I feel through my writing I am only able to be so creative and would like to express myself through music as well. In no way have I forgot about my writing, I am keeping good journals as I begin playing and making progress. I find myself not knowing where the time has gone when I look up. I bought a piano lesson DVD set on sale called Learn and Master Piano and they are simply amazing. I have never been so excited about sheet music and learning chords and don't want to miss anything.

My time seems to be just so taken up lately which I am not sure if it's a good thing or a bad thing. I haven't had a chance to update and felt that I am far over due. Yesterday I was sitting at the bar at Applebees and was talking with this seventy year old amazingly cool guy that worked for the Houston Chronicle, our Houston newspaper. He was talking to me about how much he doesn't understand the workforce and how it is almost impossible to hold a job for a long time. He had worked for the Chronicle for 40 years. I told him that I have a great time writing with my Olympia SG1 and my Selectrics, he chuckled and told me about how that's all there was when he started. We both agreed that the society that we live in is to fasted paced and probably almost everything in newspapers is someones edited first draft. I told him how a typewriter forces you to do at least a second draft before it's all just editing. He thought it was funny how someone doing HVAC Refrigeration was also a writer but said anything is possible if you are interested in what you are doing.