Friday, June 26, 2009

“To hell with the advances in computers”

Looks like a SG-3

I don't know what has been making me so interested in politics lately. Perhaps it is just another excuse not to write. But I found an interesting article where Kurt Vonnegut, IMO one of the greatest authors compares president Bush to Hitler. I guess he was preparing to give a speech on what he thought was going on with our country. Many other authors as well were willing to put their reputations on the line to tell us what they really thought. The speech given was one of Vonneguts last.

"To hell with the advances in computers," he says. “YOU are supposed to advance and become, not the computers. Find out what’s inside you. And don’t kill anybody."
I think there is so much in this speech that we can all learn from and become inspired by. Now I am off to write some more science fiction! JuST 4 more days people!

P.S. Michael Jackson DIES = MTV Plays Music Videos??? Check it out! Like Michael Jackson or not you have got to love this day because MTV us actually playing music videos!


  1. I found myself enjoying all the MJ music on the radio that day.

    Indeed, I think we are on the brink of advancing ourselves into an ecological and intellectual brick wall, what with all the disposable gadgets frying our attention spans.

  2. Yep, its sad because most don't realize it yet. It's going to be interesting to see what happens.