Saturday, July 25, 2009

SM9 & Selectric Colorcast

Crayola VS. Cra Z Art

With all of the trouble that people are going through in an attempt to do a color cast I figured I would see if I could pin point the problem. I went and bought Crayola crayons and some knock off brand called Cra Z Art. What I found was that the cheeper brand crayons work better. I think because our favorite Crayola crayons are made not to transfer they are not the best to use.

I strated off with the first three Crayola crayons pressing really hard
The small section of red is what lightly coloring looks like. Not what you want
I used small sections and made sure they were dark as I could get them

I shook the shavings in to the Walmart bag

When heating the wax with the blow dryer the chepo Cra Z Art
green color melted as did the other colors.
The Crayola didn't melt at all, probably being one of the reasons it
didn't work all that great.

The Wax should show through the other side

I put the Selectric on the highest impact setting.
Setting 5

No Flash

The Crayola crayons really didn't work well at all with the Selectric
or the SM9

The Last three Samples using the Cra Z Art crayons
came out great. It seems with the 12 pitch Selectric set on
its highest impact setting worked the best. I was giving the
SM9 a good whack too but who knows.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Skyriter Fly the Sky

I Really Need A Scanner

Back in action