Sunday, October 4, 2009

DE Razors, SilentType, and Nano

Mekur Double Edge Razor (Safety Razor)

DE Razor Opened with Personna Blade

Some of the different blades that I have
Feather being the sharpest
Personna being my personal favorite

Proraso Shaving Cream
Also my shaving bowl and brush

For a random topic on shaving, here are some of the things I use and get the closest shave I have ever had. Besides all of the marketing hype of Gillette and Schick they are in my opinion not capable of giving as close of a shave as the old double edge razor. Not only that but because of the multiple blades and a method called Hysteresis. The first blade pulls the hair slightly out of the follicle and the next cuts. The problem with this is it can lead to irritation and tons of ingrown hairs. By using the right shaving cream soap or in a tube you can also get a better shave. Shaving cream that comes in a can is no good at all. There is air bubbles in the foam when it comes out and is cheaply made.

DE Razors also let you have a selection of blades that are all different. Everyones face is different and therefore different people may think one blade is better than another. From my own personal experience I like the Personna blades as they are not to sharp and leave no irratation at all. People with thicker beards would probably prefer Feather blades or something a little more sharp than the Personnas. Feather blades are made in Japan and are the sharpest blades in the market. But like I said, I don't have a crazy thick beard so I have found them to be a bit overkill.

On another note, Silent type is a total success. Thank you strikethru, you did a great job! Also it seems the Nano site is booming and the forums have already started pouring in. I am excited but at the same time worried about what exactly I am going to decide to write.


  1. Okay, so now I am curious (and completed a few searches on Mekur Double Edge Razors). Where did you get one, what do you recommend for a beginner, et cetera.

    It doesn't look like a base model Mekur costs too much (approx. $25), but I also saw some other brands.

  2. I went with the Mekur HD or Heavy Duty. I got mine on The Mekur HD is all around the best beginners razor and probably the only razor that you will ever need.

    I also got the sampler pack of blades and Proraso shaving cream. Proraso shaving cream has been around for a long time and is still the number one shaving cream sold in Italy.

    The blades in the sampler pack are:
    Feather blades; Known to be the sharpest blades and are made in Japan

    Personna blades; My favorite are good all around blades and are good if you have sensitive skin.

    Derby; Same thing good blades, not the sharpest but good for sensitive skin.

    Mekur; made in Germany, good blades but I haven't got to use them yet. From what I hear they are good.

    Like I said earlier, everyone has different skin and a blade that works for one person may be horrible for another. You have to try out different one's to see what works best. But once you find a blade that works I guarantee you will have a baby butt smooth face and will not regret the switch. It will be the best thing you could ever do for your face.

    Also blades are so much more affordable. I saw on Lee's website Personna blades for 100 of em, is only $15. The blades last for about 5 shaves and the razor will easily pay for itself. Gillette Fusion blades are $13 for only four blades, it's outrageous.

    So definitely look into it man. Trust me, you will love the Mekur HD. It is such a great razor! I have zero regrets about getting it and look forward to shaving each morning. My buddy Cory, who is in the Air Force is out here visiting. I showed him how to use it and he was amazed with how smooth his face was. He is getting one soon as well.

  3. You've got me the info I need. I'm really eager to try this out, but my wife hates it when I start buying a bunch of "fun" stuff this time of year. So, I'm adding it to my short list of things I wouldn't mind opening come Christmas:)

  4. If you want info try the forums i can recommend badger and its got all the info you need on shaving with safety razors. Ive been using them for 3 years and would not go back to multiblade razors and canned gel ever !!!!!!.
    I enjoy my daily shave with real soap, warm water, a decent razor (merkur 34C) a decent blade (there are quite a few to choose from)and a brush. It really feels like Im taking caring of my self when I shave now, rather than a chore .........

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