Thursday, October 22, 2009

I'd Rather Be Writing


  1. This is great- your birthday is All Saints' Day!
    I hope you score that SG Olympia. Maybe you can pick one up, if you can get back to Mass. on Thanksgiving.

  2. Another book to add to my list of writing books to check out--and I haven't read "Writing Down the Bones," either. Thanks for the tip!

    Got my fingers crossed for you on the eBay auctions!

  3. Spec- Funny you say that because if all else fails, yesterday I called Cambridge Typewriter. They have a SG1 that will need a week or so till they can get to it and refurbish it. The only thing is, it's $195 which is on the high side.

    LFP-Writing down to the bones and I'd Rather be Writing were both books that I was able to get at the library. Just letting you know.

  4. Ya know, James, I saw Tom working on that SG1- when I was just there on Saturday- and I thought you'd like something like that.
    You'd probably save money, considering it'll be mint and road-ready, not to mention sans the shipping problems w/ eBay.

    Another for your book list:
    Check out "The Pocket Muse : Ideas and Inspirations for Writing," by Monica Wood.