Monday, September 28, 2009

Simple Things

Written on: Olympia SM9


  1. I don't know why people aren't more appalled that "time saving technologies" have only made us work harder and pay more. It's sad to think about. I hear you on the iPhone plan, I won't get one because I have to draw the line at paying more for a service just so I can use a certain device with it.

  2. Wow, well said all the way around. Back in the day, my friends and I spent most of out time riding our bikes aimlessly about the countryside, hunting frogs and building secret hideaways in concrete culverts. Sure, when the NES came out, we played Mario when we were tired, but it wasn't our go-to for fun.

    But kids DO spend too much time on PC's and Xbox Live. I was on the other day playing a multiplayer game, when some kid who had to be no more than 13 joined in and let loose with a gutter flood of obscenity that would have made a sailor blush. Now, I'm not saying that when we were kids we didn't occasionally swear good and proper, but we never, ever swore at older kids, let alone adults. Is a service that allows young kids to act like jerks with anonymity anything less than insane?

    Sorry, but I was nonplussed to say the least.

    I agree with the tech thing, too. The iPhone craze baffles me. I have a free phone from my provider that makes phone calls. That's it.

  3. Wow, such a range of thoughts there!

    I have to agree, as a kid, I rode my bike all day, played with friends and usually came home when I was hungry or tired. As a parent, part of me wants to give my kids (when they are old enough) the freedom that I had, but the other part of me does worry.

    And imagination is huge. I remember, when not outside, playing with my He-Men, Transformers and GI Joe for hours on end. Fantasy battles were the norm and even though my brother was only 4 years younger, I still choose to play with my toys solo. And all that playing opened me to RPG games (which I still play to this day).

    And while I have been a hardcore gamer (mostly on PC) from time to time (I can remember times when I played over 60 hours a week, so some games), I still always come back to the more imaginative "arts".

    At this point, the best that I think I can do is try and participate in some of these activities with my kids, whether it be a board game, running an RPG or playing video games...but not too much, as I still want them to socialize with their own age.

    Yeah, I have no desire for an iPhone. I have a cell phone with a keyboard and honestly, that is more than enough for me. I barely use it enough to justify the $$$ spent anyways.

    And I really do hate shaving. And the insane cost of razors is certainly one of the factors in my hatred. I've been using an electric for about 9 months. Not as close as a blade, but at $30, it has saved me money!

    I really love technology and I think I am lucky because several of my friends jump on the "new thing" whenever it comes out and I get to sample it at my leisure and in a way, live vicariously. I think its the best of both worlds, as I can get a taste but not feel like I am in the "race".

  4. Quick weigh-in on only the razor issue: I have a mutant wildebeest beard that instantly destroys any blade on contact. I gave up on electrics because I would have to replace the blades every couple of weeks or so, at ~$20 a pop. I have a '40s-era Gilette (Gem, I think) that is ok, but has never given me a close shave. I would have to shave two or three times to really get smooth. Yes, the blades are cheap, but it's time-consuming, and my face hurts after the 2nd pass.

    The *only* razor that has been able to give me a close shave in one pass is the Schick Quattro. The blades are expensive, but I can go as long as a month without having to change them out.

    I like retro things in many aspects of my life, but when it comes to razors the new technology wins.

  5. Oli I have to disagree. Have your tried Feather Blades in your razor?? Their the sharpest blades on the market. Also if your face is burning after the second pass it's because of to much pressure. But if you are looking for a fast shave then yea, I'd say the Schick wins. A close shave with a DE razor will require about three passes. I do one north to south, one east to west or across and then south to north. If you have only tried one brand blade in your DE razor I would look into trying some of the others that might work better. At least thats what worked for me, everyones face is different.

  6. I used to have a rolls razor...think I threw that out about 10 years ago.