Friday, May 22, 2009

Miss My Skyriter

Wow do I miss these Guys. I moved from Cape Cod Massachusetts to Houston TX and could really only bring with me my Olympia SM9. Sadness, I might just have to have my skyriter sent out here though. Its one of my better small portables. I like it better than my Singapore smith corona deluxe, Its like mclemens' blue one but mines tan. I had a blue one when I was a kid It was the first typewriter I personally owned. Its gone though I looked and looked. They are probably about the same mechanics wise but the Skyriter is better IMO. Can anyone tell me what to use for typewriter oil? I heard that Sewing machine oil is good but I was wondering what everyone else used. I used some stuff I had around the house back home and I think it made things worse. It worked good at first and then must have dried up. I hope to see my good old Skyriter soon!!!

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