Monday, August 1, 2011

SG3 Sighting

Sorry I have been so busy. I will put up a post soon, I promise. School and work this summer have taken all of my energy.

Anyways, I watched the movie Sucker Punch last night and might I say it was quite a bizarre movie. I still don't understand what I saw. Anyways, in the first half hour when the main character gets brought to the insane asylum the secretary has a Olympia SG3 sitting on her desk. I must have looked like a goof when I immediately blurted out my finding!

Keep up the good work, I still read everyone posts daily, Thank you all


  1. Fear not, I get those same looks when I blurt out the names of the fonts in movie titles. Hey, someone has to do it, right?

  2. Nice to see you around!

    I end up doing the pause-and-go-frame-by-frame thing when typewriters or pens put in an appearance in old movies. Frustrating how rarely the camera zooms in on distinguishing features. It's as if the director just thought of typewriters as *props* or something. Oh...wait...

  3. Sigh...worry not, brother. I do the same thing. And yes, I too have been known to pause and rewind to guess at branding.

  4. I actually rented an Ideal B to "Sucker Punch" for use in their World War I sequence, but when I got the DVD I could not spot the typewriter. That bit must have been cut.

    I found the movie to be an immature sex-and-violence fantasy with a thin veneer of pseudo-feminism.

  5. More posts! (Although I hear you on being totally exhausted by other commitments).