Sunday, January 31, 2010

Quick Olympia SG Video Overview

This is a one take movie of my Olympia SG 1 typewriter. When I say one take I mean one take, no editing. To answer your question, YES the camera fell off my leg and dropped to the floor and no I didn’t edit it out. It’s the Typosphere at its finest! With all the talk about crap cams and what have you why not first shot, one take movies? Watch me not being able to say what I mean like “focus” instead of “zoom” and everything. Anyway I hope you enjoy, Thanks for watching


  1. That's a wicked decent tour, James!
    Wow, Tom really set you up well with that SG1. I saw it in the shop before the overhaul. It looks GREAT, and it sounds really smooth!
    Now, we typospherites will have to chip in and get you a tripod! :-)

  2. yeah, a tripod perhaps! I wanna see this baby in full two-handed speed & glory. The action sounds nice - stable and fast. Good for long novels.

  3. Sounds good guys, I will try to make another in full fledged, two hand typing speed. Glad you enjoyed. Yea I will have to look into getting a tripod but I am sure I can jimmy something up for now! Look for another vid soon.

  4. Oh man! I feel like I need one of these in my life immediately. I'm amazed by the paper swooshy-up thingie (and yes, I believe that's the technical term).

  5. I liked the end (without the tripod). It was kind of Blair-Witchy. I was imaging you were crushed under the weight of that carriage (I've taken it off my own SG-1, and it's not all that light).
    Well done!