Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The iPad

Well the new Apple iPad was revealed today by our friend Steve jobs, the Gandhi of Apple. To be honest the thing looks pretty neat. I already have a computer though (Macbook) and a desktop (Both Macs). The thing is though they both over four years old. It is pretty much getting to be that time. I might have to start saving my 25 cent pieces. But logically I keep telling myself, I already have a iPhone, and what I am using will do for now.

What I have been thinking about purchasing is one of those IBM Model M keyboards. As much as I love my AS I am not a huge fan of its keyboard. As a matter of fact, I'm not a big fan of any of my keyboards, except my typers of course. But with the revision process of Nano this year it may be more worth looking into even more so than the iPad tablet. Thoughts???

Check out the new Apple iPad on Apples Website


  1. Yea, this one looks pretty sweet. I don't have an iPhone, iPod or a Mac, just a desktop PC and a netbook, but the idea of plugging in a nice tactile keyboard, or even the virtual keyboard if you're out somewhere and need to write, sounds pretty sweet.

    The demo video I watched on Apple's website claimed a 10 hour battery life, which is better than some of those Alphasmart devices.

    Still, there's something in me that doesn't want to claim that I've been nabbed by the Force, that wants to believe I'm immune to the forces of marketing. I guess not.

  2. Actually, that battery life still pales in comparison to Alphasmarts. The least battery efficient model (the Dana, which runs an outdated version of the Palm O/S...not very appealing in my book) gets about 25 hours to a charge. The Neos get 700 hrs on regular AA batteries. No exaggeration.

    But since this doesn't have a keyboard, I don't think it's really part of the same realm of devices, in any case. It's more like what it really is: a giant iTouch, made for listening to music and viewing video and doing some casual web-surfing on the go. Emphasis on media consumption, in other words, rather than any kind of input, though I'm guessing it'll work with some sort of portable wireless keyboard eventually, making it kind of an Apple netbook, though they hate that term. And it's pretty and shiny, which is what Apple does best.

    But I'm having trouble getting past the name. iPad? All those words in the dictionary, and they came up with iPad? I mean...really?

  3. Yea this is all true. The AS will always win because who can beat 700hr or even 300 or so with my AS 2000. Anywho, when I use the computer all I find my self doing is surfing the web. All actual writing that do is on typewriter or pen/pencil. I do have the the iPhone and love that it doesn't have to load much once turned on, but I think the real luxury is when your in bed. I find myself most nights in bed and thinking about a random thought. I have found with an internet device like the iphone or iPad I am able to settle my thoughts right then and there. Also the iPads iBooks!!! Simply amazing! I was never a fan of the kindle because of its somewhat goofy design. I think the main thing that will be neat to see is one, the LED screen instead of the LCD (Thats where the 10hrs comes from) and the size of the touch screen. I think that tablets are the best in between when going from ipod/ iPhone to a computer. But again I think it would get the most use around bedtime.

  4. You definitely need a clicky keyboard! Buy one from Unicomp! Listen to the story about Unicomp on NPR if you haven't already:

  5. Or.... A take-everywhere Olympia Traveller + an index card folio from Levenger!


  6. Strikethru do you have one?? And I am going to listen to that now

    Spec- For writing, Lavenger rocks!!! Hands Down! I'm buying that punch soon!

  7. I do have one -- mine is a used old Model M that I got from eBay, but in retrospect I would have bought one from Unicomp, because a) I want to support a quality keyboard manufacturer, and they need the business b) Unicomp keyboards don't need funky adaptors since they are USB -- all of the old keyboards are serial port (and don't work with simple adaptors, you need the kind with a chip which adds to the cost and is a pain). c) Unicomp has the patent and use the same technology as the IBM model M's, so it is the same product, without someone's old cookie crumbs beteween the keys.

  8. Every time this subject comes up, I come a little closer to pulling the trigger--especially when it comes up around tax refund time.

    I likee the clickee.

  9. You know what! Im going to give in. I want to support them as well but mainly I can think of no better way of doing my Nano revisions. LFP I'm pulling the trigger right now! Plus how could I steer away from a keyboard that mimics the feel of my Selectric! The Lavenger punch and soon the Unicomp are on their way! I am seeing reviews coming in the near future! Thanks for the feedback guys