Thursday, August 6, 2009

Typecast: Workspace

Finally some room to move around.  
It's not finished yet, still needs work
How long have I been complaining 
about not having a scanner??

Wireless Kodak ESP7 All-in-One Printer


  1. Nice setup, although I have to admit that I am shocked that that little table is able to support the Selectric.

    Good on ya wit' the printer, too. I have an HP 6280 hooked up to my network at and the thing's a nightmare. Wonky drivers, unstable software, and it just EATS ink.

  2. Yea the wireless is a bit crazy. It works on some computers in the house and not on others.. Go figure.. They don't build things like they used to.

    I laugh every time I think about the 50lb selectric being so snug on that table. But hey, honestly it works perfectly on there. It's just the right height and is pretty damn sturdy.

  3. Keep us posted on that printer. I've been looking at one for a few weeks.