Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Home on the way

On that note...

So last night Allie and I decided to move the bed to make more room. Room for what you might ask, well with school and everything what could be better than a desk of course! Finally, *sigh* Before the bed was in the middle of the room and there wasn't much space for anything. Now I will be able to write next to the window as well instead of looking at a blank wall. I ordered a L shaped corner desk, I can't wait till it arrives. As you might remember, the selectric on a tray table only lasts for so long before you realize how nice a desk would be. Luckily there is room now!


  1. I'm feelin' ya, dude. The heat in this part of the country is murderous, and seems to have motivation-sapping abilities. But persevere!

  2. I'm more and more coveting a Selectric. You're not helping!

  3. Writing by a window (a view helps, too!) can be very inspiring. My desk at home is between 2 windows- more than enough to divert, but just enough to keep focused!

    Try to find the little book' "A Day of a Stranger," by Thomas Merton. He took all the photos. The last page is the best one- it's his desk at his hermitage: near a window, with his Hermes 3000.