Friday, September 17, 2010

Dot Matrix Cast 9/17/10

Dot Matrix Cast

With the new ribbon and when printed in Best mode there is still noticeable features that make it obvious it is printed on a Dot Matrix. Once I scanned and posted the paper it actually looks really clear as if the scan smoothed out some of the dots. The Fast mode and Draft were re-printed onto the original page and wasn't spaced correctly. Oh well, it's the first of its kind, I'll get it right the next time


  1. OK, is it time for me to feel old now? I took my ImageWriter II and my brand-new Mac SE/30 to college. Having your own computer on campus was rare, and I had the luxury of printing papers and lab reports in my dorm room. I did have one of those combination fans/surge protectors that slipped into the handle slot, since the dorms were steam-heated, often year round, and wiring was less-than-perfect.

  2. And you have been a "Mac man" ever since lol. Yea I know the exact cooling fan you're talking about. Being from New England I lived in a few homes with those noisy steam radiators as well. "Clunk, Clunk ssSSS" Arg. Something I bet you have never seen before though, A Mac Plus Chimney! They actually sold these!

  3. Yeah, I'm not old enough for that retro-tech to be used before it was retro:) My college computer was an HP 486 DX (meaning with the optional math co-processor) 33Mhz and 8 MB of RAM. I think I even had a 40MB hard drive (Yes, MB, not GB)! I did have a sweet Panasonic KX dot-matrix printer that I used for close to a decade.

    Love the dot-matrix-cast! Now you got me thinking of some crazy old piece of electronics I have laying around that I can get some printed output on to 'cast with.

  4. What is the world coming to, when we start getting nostalgic over computers? I'm with @deek, recalling an HP486DX with memory measured in megabytes.

    Classmates (and some coworkers) can not imagine a world where computers had less capacity than today's cel phones. I tell them I can even remember when there were NO personal computers. And then, I watch their little heads implode.

  5. This brings back memories. My first computer was a 1989 Mac SE, with a 20MB internal hard drive. It kept going until about 2002 when I replaced it with a modern Mac, and it still slumbers in my closet.