Thursday, April 8, 2010

April 7, 2010

April 7, 2010 Typecast


  1. I've only used a Selectric a couple of times. They seem pretty cool for plugger-in-ers. Much better than later electronic machines, for sure. Maybe I'll have to keep an eye on the ol' Craigslist for a decent one.

  2. Selectrics are quite nice and they respond fast! I was a bit surprised at how much faster a Selectric was versus a newer Wheelwriter.

    And yes James, we should not forget our Selectrics! I worked on my Selectric II last night and noticed my carriage return is jerky. Now I think its due to the recent cold spell we've had, as it was like that before I had it running regularly, but its been several weeks since I've had it on.

    I too am anxious to get my hands on a copy of STII. I'll be thinking about it all summer!

  3. I went on a recent watch "kick", just buying one watch (I didn't have any watches for years). I ended up with a Citizen Eco-Drive solar powered analog, no batteries to fuss over, no winding, etc.

    I had seen these inexpensive "Seiko" manual-wind watches on Amazon, almost bought one, then visited the official Seiko website and found out that if you can afford a Seiko, it isn't a real Seiko but a Chinese-made knock-off.

    And hooray for STII! Can't wait to read all those poems.


  4. I've been wearing a Citizen Eco-Drive WR100 for the last 5-6 years. Best watch I've ever owned.

  5. Joe, I bought the Seiko 5 military. Just to have an everyday watch. I know what you mean about watching out for the fake Seikos or should I say feikos. For the most part I think the more expensive Seikos are the ones the Chinese try to rip off.

    The Eco-drive watches are sweet too. I have a Casio watch that is solar powered and love it. It has many gadgets on it but is too big of a watch for me. My only fear with the Eco Drive is a capacitor going bad or something. No one really knows how long they will last for. But then again, you could just get the capacitor replaced. For now though, mechanical watches take the cake for lasting the longest. The Seiko 5 SNK809K1 is also suppose to go twice as long before ever having to be lubricated.

  6. Ironic. I was just looking at a Seiko 5 Military (SNK805K2) this morning with all this watch talk. Where did you buy it?

    I know I could get it for $96 off Amazon. Ebay is the only other place I could find them cheaply ($60-$70) but they are in Singapore and Hong Kong (and Joe now has me scared that they could be fakes).

  7. I got mine off ebay. You can get them for 49$ buy it now and 16$ shipping. I wouldn't be worried about these being fakes. I have done my research. It's the expensive ones you have to worry about. I think the fakes are aimed for Sekio watches that go for around 300 dollars and up. If you think about it, there is not really much money to be made when selling a watch for 50$ compared to what they can make with a fake for $300+. Ya know? I will let you know when it arrives. Shipping is taking a while but most likely it will come in the mail today or Monday. Mine came from Honk Kong and I was expecting it to take at least two weeks. They are great watches and a friend of mine has one. He has had his for 2 years I think and he loves it.

  8. With that being said, I think I'll be checking out Ebay again. I feel like your long-lost twin: Typewriters, Selectrics, Merkur HD, and maybe a Seiko 5 Military:)

  9. Hey James!
    Hello from Beacon Hill!
    It's a wicked good Spring day, and the Olympia Traveller is with me at the Boston Athenaeum.
    Daffodils and magnolias along the streets.
    Have a great weekend!

  10. I've got to get a Selectric, darn it!

  11. Spec: You too, I am glad all is well! I want to come back home wicked bad this summer. You always are able to bring me a little East Coast when I need it most.

    Strikethru: Yes you do! It will change your life lol. That's what I say to people about my iPhone sometimes lol.

  12. Your mention of a "writing nook" made me think of the writing cabin that American naturalist Edwin Way Teale had built overlooking a pond on his Connecticut farm.

    I just visited it again last Saturday.