Friday, December 18, 2009

Olivetti Typecast

Olivetti Fixed Typecast


  1. Nice work, I knew you were the man to figure out what the heck ailed that machine.

    I am surprised at the quality of Letteras for the size-- other typewriters that size do not feel as solid. I wonder how much they cost in their heyday?

  2. Yeah, that fix isn't something I would have figured out in a zillion years. You were obviously the right person for this typewriter. ;)

    Glad to hear it made the journey safely!

  3. Strikethru- My Dad says the Lettera 32 cost $60 in 1972. He bought it in midtown Manhattan, used it just about daily for the better part of 30 years, and passed it along to me.
    I agree with you about the machine's solidity- it's also very portable!

  4. I might have to look at getting an Olivetti Lettera in the future...