Saturday, November 14, 2009

Olympia SG 1 Arrives!


  1. Congratulations James!
    So happy to see your SG1 has landed just fine- and you're the perfect person to do it justice. Tom told me it was owned by a journalist in Maine! A real New England Olympia!
    I'm really, really happy for you. Great things are surely in store for you and your writing!

  2. Oh, this made me smile. I am so thrilled for you! These are marvelous machines, aren't they? And so handsome!

    We'll have to compare serial numbers sometime--is yours also a '59? It was a good year apparently. ;-)

    We are so spoiled!

  3. Oh, and I think it's the chugga chugga that freaks the dog out when I get going. ;-) It isn't really any louder than any of my other machines, but it becomes a solid wall of sound when the thoughts come quickly--it lets me fly.

    It's gotten so he starts rolling his eyes if I head toward the typewriter desk. Poor guy.

  4. Why don't you tell us how you really feel. I'm getting mixed messages.

    Seriously, your post makes me want to go home and type on my own SG-1. I've been neglecting her because I've wanted to do all my NaNo on Pica machines. That may have to change.

    I dig the big lever that inserts the paper, too. LFP had to tell me what it was for, but now I'm like "How can Olympia be the only one to think of this?"

    One teeny weeny tiny little gripe. Just a tiny thing: they have keys for "th" and for all kinds of fractions, and for the degree symbol. But they don't have a dedicated "1" key? Come on! You're gonna add all that stuff but leave off a key that lots of portables found necessary?

    Okay, that's my itsy bitsy complaint. Other than that: perfection.

  5. Darnit! SG1 mania is sweeping the typosphere! And I don't have one!

    This sounds like a terrific machine. The new platen experience is one of those things-- mostly we just put up with our rock-hard old ones, but a new one really makes a huge difference.

  6. I've been lusting after one of these for several months now. I recently acquired an SM3 portable, and think I'm becoming an Olympia man. I just need an SG1 or SG3 (for now) to squelch pangs of desire.

    Yours looks like a fine machine indeed. I have to make sure the one I get has perfectly aligned type, or it will just drive me crazy! Just my own personal quirk,

  7. Thanks everyone! I have to ask though, LFP, what does the two litttle levers do inside the cover on each side of the ribbon? Is it how much it yealds the ribbon. That's all that I can think of.

    Spec- A journalist huh? That makes me happy to hear.

    Strikethru- Im telling you, if you ever come by a SG 1 be sure you scoop it up, you won't regret it. By far one of the best machines I have ever used. Also it being completly refurbished, it has zero querks. I love it!

  8. If you mean the little sliders I think you mean, I have a manual for the SG3 (which has those same bits) which says:

    When typing on ordinary paper, the 2 levers of the alignment guides are set at II. Before typing on index cards or other stiff paper, however, reset these levers to position I, whereby the paper to be typed on will be kept flush to the platen.

    Gotta love the English in the older Olympia manuals. I doubt you'll find "whereby" in too many tech manuals anymore.

  9. Cristian Medina VazquezJanuary 3, 2010 at 10:53 AM

    Hello everybody I am Cristian I am from Puebla, just two hours away form Mexico City. I have benn reading your posts and I ave to say I am happy to see that I am the happiest owner of a SG 1 gave it to me by my father, it was a present, and teh machine was abandoned with tons of dust and no movil functions, I found a guy who fix this machines and now I have it in great conditions, I have to say that Im not really a typewriters machines but now Im in love of this technology, it is just great. Thank you for this page now I know a little bit more about my machine because before of this a have not a clue of the year, model or something, i think the serial number is 741157, any idea of this?

    Well thank you so very much, my email is have a nice day!