Saturday, July 11, 2009

Skyriter Fly the Sky

I Really Need A Scanner

Back in action


  1. Nice! And it's one of the early ones with the stripes! I sometimes take mine out still in its case and just marvel at how compact it is. I remind myself, " a typewriter!"

    Did the first security guy really not know what it was? That's funny. I had a similar experience once taking a TLR camera through security.

    Word verification: upror: when your rate of return is lower than expected and your stockholders revolt.

  2. Nice. I want a Skyriter!

    Photographed typecasts sometimes are cooler than scanned ones, IMHO.

    I took a Hermes Rocket on a plane and through security a year ago or so. They didn't say a word about it in security-- I was sure since it's a big-ish metal thing that someone would at least give it a raised eyebrow. A fellow passenger thought I was carrying a cool vintage purse (because it has a leather case thing).

  3. Very cool. People don't realize how important it is to port around their portables. They do get bored, y'know.

  4. James- I don't have a scanner, either. I use a simple Canon Powershot camera on a Beseler photographic copystand. That's what's handy, and it works fine.
    Glad you were able to get back to the Commonwealth for the weekend! And that's a fine Skywriter. (My Lettera 32 has seen lots of air travel, too.)

  5. Now you have me wanting a Skywriter / Olympia SF / Hermes Rocket/Baby thing...

    And scanner or no scanner, this is a nicely done typecast! And very legible. No worries.

    Envying you the trip back east!