Thursday, March 5, 2009

New Old Computer

So I figure I needed a desktop computer to f-ing start putting up some of my typecasts and what not that are lingering around the house. I got a G4 Emac to go along with my G5 MacBook. They are both about three years old but work like a charm. I just got 2GBs of ram to go in my Emac that I bought off ebay last week. The thing is the greatest! It reminds me of my first love my G3 I mac which looks just like the Emac but is waaay slower. That is part of the reason for getting it and the fact that I really needed a desktop because being on a laptop all of the time gets on my nerves real easily. I am a Mac enthusiast and have collected many many computers over the years most of which are thrown out but some still alive and well in my basement. The oldest I have to say is my Mac Plus with no hard drive at all and 1MB of ram. It still boots up fine the only problem is unfortunately I can't use it for writing purposes because of the out dated ports and corrupt word processing software. Although it cries to be used for a science fiction piece like you wouldn't believe. Other than that my Emac now sits on my desk with my Olympia Sm9 right next to it with a towel for a dust cover over it when not in use. What a happy family, I wish. But I love this Emac, it is perfect and is probably my main digital writing device to go along with my Alphasmart, my MacBook with a dead battery and and my collection of typewriters. But other than that I will not be spending anymore money anytime soon so I will be working with what I have for now which is more than most, I am very grateful.

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