Monday, August 1, 2011

SG3 Sighting

Sorry I have been so busy. I will put up a post soon, I promise. School and work this summer have taken all of my energy.

Anyways, I watched the movie Sucker Punch last night and might I say it was quite a bizarre movie. I still don't understand what I saw. Anyways, in the first half hour when the main character gets brought to the insane asylum the secretary has a Olympia SG3 sitting on her desk. I must have looked like a goof when I immediately blurted out my finding!

Keep up the good work, I still read everyone posts daily, Thank you all

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Smith Corona Sterling Overview

Febuary 7 2011 Typecast

Febuary 7 2011 Typecast pg. 2
BTW Happy ITAM!!!
Smith Corona Sterling
Tab Set Panel
Tab Set Panel
Open Tab Set Panel
Tab Set Door
Tab Set Pins
Tab Set Pins

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Click, Clack, Moo: Cows That Type Book Trailer

Last week my Mother-In-Law, who is a School Librarian at Sheldon Early Childhood Academy did a few book trailers for their school website. She asked me to borrow a typewriter to aid in making the trailer. I quickly ran through my head picking out the best choice for the occasion. My Smith Corona Sterling I though for the sound and overall look would be best. Anyways I thought everyone in the typosphere would get a kick out of this. I found it especially amusing how the school librarian at the Sheldon High School couldn't figure out how to use the carriage return.

Click below to see the video:
Click, Clack, Moo: Cows That Type
By Doreen Gronin Pictures by Betsy Lewin

P.S. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Response to LFP’s Modern Convince

Response to LFP’s Modern Convince

Buying a toaster online can be quite time consuming I’m sure. But so can buying anything online. There are just so many reviews that if you aren’t careful you will become consumed by it all.

The past three or so weeks I have been trying to put together all of the parts that I need to build a new PC. The problem is that when building a PC there are constantly new parts coming out, some better than others. A brand that I trusted two years ago might be not the best choice now. Some of parts that go into building a PC are… First you have to figure out what processor you want, are you going with Intel or AMD. (I’m going with AMD for their price/performance ratio. Plus it will be replaced, that is inevitable, so why spend more than you have to.) Then your Motherboard, Ram, Power supply, Hard Drive, and Graphics card all have to be selected.

There are also combos that if you buy, say, a case, power supply, processor and motherboard you get fifty dollars off. Usually combos are a great way to save money but trying to select the best one that is in your price can be very, very time consuming. There will be things you like about some of the parts in the combos and other parts you wish you could replace all together.

The main thing I try to keep in mind is there will be things I replace in two years because they are out of date. But this is why if you do it smart, and build it yourself, you can save money by just replacing what you need. Just buying a new motherboard and processor in two years, spending maybe one hundred and fifty dollars is better than throwing out a thousand dollar HP or Dell. There is no worse feeling than using a old, slow, gunked up computer because you spent all of that money and it can’t be upgraded.

Overall building a computer is a time consuming process and it’s hard to stay up to date on everything. Although as of right now I feel so up to date it is outrageous. It is so easy to put together a computer, and quite fun. The hard part is selecting the right parts.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Dot Matrix Cast 9/17/10

Dot Matrix Cast

With the new ribbon and when printed in Best mode there is still noticeable features that make it obvious it is printed on a Dot Matrix. Once I scanned and posted the paper it actually looks really clear as if the scan smoothed out some of the dots. The Fast mode and Draft were re-printed onto the original page and wasn't spaced correctly. Oh well, it's the first of its kind, I'll get it right the next time